What is "Coaching"?



Coaching is a professional relationship between a client and a coach, specially tailored to fit each individual client, so as to support development of the client. Coaching is the process of personal growth aimed at creation and strengthening of personal and professional qualities in a client. As any other process, it has its structure and continuance. Certain habits take years to create, therefore we can expect the change to require time as well.              

With support of a coach, the process of change and creation of success need not be uncertain and hard. Work on yourself need not be a painful delving through one’s past, but rather the coaching focusing attention on creation of the future that we want for ourselves.      

A client is a self-conscious person wishing to move ahead, committed to their success, determined to discover and realize their goals. For the coaching process to be successful it is crucial for a client to be committed. At the very beginning of the process, a client need not have a clear vision of their goals, but must have determination to actively shape their development path. 

A Coach is an educated professional with living and professional experience, unreservedly committed to success of their client. A Coach is a facilitator of the coaching process, with the single aim of motivating and supporting their client, as well as rendering their development journey smoother by applying their acquired knowledge and experience.          

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