Sidro Coaching


"Sidrenje" (anchoring) is linking of an emotional experience or state to a phenomenon or a situation. We all unconsciously do that since early childhood.

My mother used to bake an apple cake for Sunday lunch very often. This little family ceremony was a very pleasant event for me, making me feel safe, protected, secure. Many years afterwards, whenever I sense the aroma of an apple pie, I instantly feel the same as in those Sunday lunches – safe, protected, secure.      

By using “anchoring” as a tool, I instruct clients how to consciously induce in themselves the states and feelings useful and necessary at the moment. The technique is easy to use and, from my personal and professional experience, extremely powerful.     

My goal for the “Sidro” Coaching Centre is to anchor the clients at the noblest and most positive state, to be of their greatest benefit.  


My name is Mila Marčeta. I have spent last 17 years at senior managerial positions in a major international corporation.   

Corporate life is my daily routine. I have experienced all the traps, faults and advantages, occasionally faltered, but always finally succeeded. I have learnt to most easily and quickly create my own success, as a woman, a professional and a leader. 

I wish to make use of my abundant and diverse corporate experience to help other business people to more easily, quickly and efficiently apply their resources in setting personal and corporate goals and achieve them. I have enriched my personal experience by special education in the field of coaching, thus I have acquired certificates of Belgrade Coaching Academy, as well as a special certificate of use of 20 most efficient Coaching techniques by PhD Nada Kaiser, Assistant Professor of the University of Stuttgart. In addition, I finished additional training for „NLP Business Practitioner“.