Field of special expertise of “Sidro" Coaching Centre is business coaching.

Business coaching differs from other types of coaching in that it is intended for individuals or groups within companies, whereas topics of activity, as well as goals pursued, are related to business environment. A business coach assists the client in discovering how a change in personal qualities and perspective can affect business processes and relations, as well as the role of the client in them.    

Business coaching can come in different forms (individual coaching or team coaching) and can be directed towards realization of various goals (setting goals for an individual or a team, problem resolving, developing of leader skills, improving of communication and cooperation within the team, motivating the team to realize desired goals, etc.). 

"Sidro" Coaching Centre distinguishes various specialized programmes:

· Executive Coaching, an individual programme of support to senior directors and managers,

· Leader as Coach, programme intended for future leader,

· My feminine ME, original programm  by "Sidro" Coaching Centre intended for business women currently occupying or aiming at senior managerial positions. 

· Customer Experience coaching is an innovation to coaching practice and is intended to improve relations between the client or a company and their clients, by using coaching techniques.


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