What is wellness, beyond spa and massage?

In short, wellness is the balance of mind and body. And indeed, our sense of (un) satisfaction is a direct consequence of balance. For the body to be healthy, we must take care of the soul and vice versa.

Think about it - what really is stopping you from reaching your optimum weight? Physiologically, weight loss is very simple - less energy is needed to enter the body than it is consumed. Nothing easier to understand and nothing harder to accomplish.

There are heroes of wellness: happiness and positive attitude, family, friends and social environment, healthy nutrition and optimal body weight, and physical activity. In order to strike a balance, it is necessary to empower all of these heroes and allow them to develop their optimal level.

Wellness coaching is the process of supporting you and your wellness heroes.

When Do You Need a Wellness Coach?

✔︎ When you want to make a lifestyle change because you feel it can get better and easier and more beautiful.
➢ If you are ready to get to know yourself. If you decide to change something in your physical appearance, to lose weight, to gain weight, to achieve your optimum weight. If you want to get rid of a bad eating habits or attitude towards your body. If you are determined to improve your relationship with yourself, your body, your mind. If you just know  you need to change "something".

✔︎ When facing (or in) significant life changes.
➢ You may just be entering the business world. You may be entering the adult world. Maybe you've got a demanding job that threatens to eat up all your time, all your strength, all your life's joy. Maybe job you do is no longer a source of pleasure for you. Maybe you started a family. Maybe you got a kid. Or a child enters puberty. Or you into a menopause. You may be approaching the age  you were told is called "Old Age" when all the fun and joy is gone.

✔︎ When a lifestyle change is conditioned by health reasons.
➢ I have Multiple Sclerosis. For 23 years. I learned how to adjust my lifestyle to the constraints that MS imposes on me, but not to enslave to MS and not give up on life's pleasures. I'll teach you, too, if you need it at this point.

Every change is your opportunity to create a new, even more beautiful, even more successful, even more glittering chapter of your life.

Choose me as your Wellness Coach to support you on the path to change towards balance!

"Be Light" coaching is available as on-line program in English, too.